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Terms and conditions

§1 General provisions

The General Terms and Conditions below constitute a binding agreement between the Client and the Translator who provides services as Agnieszka Maniakowska Tłumacz Przysięgły Języka Angielskiego. By using the services of the Translator, the Client accepts these General Terms and Conditions. The Translator shall provide services in accordance with practices generally accepted in the translation market, with due professional care.

§2 Rules for placing orders

The Client provides the Translator with the text to be translated in paper or electronic form, including the information on which part of the text is to be translated, and whether the translation is to be certified (sworn) or ordinary. Upon receipt of the documents, the Translator prepares an offer, providing the deadline for the translation and the approximate price of the service. For civil registry and other documents in paper form, please make a prior appointment by telephone or e-mail and deliver such documents in person.
An order is deemed to have been accepted upon the Client’s acceptance of the terms, and in the case of a separate agreement, upon its signing.

§3 Translation

A page of standard translation consists of 1500 characters with spaces, according to the statistics of the MS Word editor. One billable page of sworn (certified) translation counts as 1125 characters with spaces in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Justice of 24 January 2005 on remuneration for the services of a sworn translator (Journal of Laws 2005 No. 15 item 131), as indicated by the statistics of the MS Word editor. Translations are billed on the basis of the number of characters in the target document. The fee is calculated to the nearest 0.5 billing page and rounded up. The minimum fee is the equivalent of 1 page.

The price of translation includes 1 paper copy (printout) of the translation. An additional charge will be made for a larger number of copies.
The price of translation does not include additional editorial work (e.g. scanning, processing and creation of drawings, tables or other graphic elements).
Standard translations are delivered to the client in the format of choice (paper or electronic). Certified (sworn) translations, due to their specific nature, are provided in paper form or as a pdf file with a qualified electronic signature.
A surcharge of 50% will be added to translations prepared in an express turnaround time (more than 5 pages per day or on the same day).
Lead time does not include Saturdays, public holidays or the day of acceptance of the order.

If the Client cancels the service once the translation has commenced, the Client is obliged to pay the remuneration for the work actually performed by the Translator up to the moment of cancellation, but amounting to no less than 25% of the agreed estimated value of the order. Cancellation of an ordered service can only be made in writing or electronically, provided that the client’s identity can be verified.

§4 Interpretation

When placing an order for interpretation, the Client is obliged to inform the Interpreter about the nature and subject of the interpretation. In the case of specialist interpretation assignments, the Client is obliged to provide the Interpreter with reference materials when placing the order.
The rate given in the current price list is calculated for each commenced 4-hour unit of interpretation. The minimum fee is equivalent to the fee of one 4-hour unit.
The duration of the service is counted from the time for which the Interpreter was ordered until the end of interpreting. Any breaks are included in this time.
For interpreting services provided outside Legionowo/Warsaw, the travel time must be added to the interpreting time.
If the interpreting time on one day exceeds two 4-hour units (8 hours), 50% of the price is added to each subsequent unit. The remuneration shall be increased by 50% also in the case of performing an interpreting job on the day it was commissioned, interpreting jobs on Saturdays and public holidays and interpreting at night (i.e. from 8 pm to 6 am).
If the Client cancels an ordered interpreting service less than 48 hours before the date of service, a fee of 50% of the agreed interpreting rate shall be charged.
Cancellation of an ordered service can only be made in writing or electronically, provided that the client’s identity can be verified.

§5 Payments

The Translator will issue a VAT invoice for the services rendered. A Client who is a consumer within the meaning of the Polish Civil Code of 23 April 1964 (Journal of Laws No. 16, item 93, as amended) pays in cash or by card at the time of collecting the translation in the office, whereas a client who is an entrepreneur (within the meaning of the abovementioned Act) pays by card or by transfer within 7 days to the account indicated in the invoice.
If the payment date is exceeded, the Translator is entitled to charge statutory interest for each day of delay.
The translator reserves the right to collect an advance payment before the beginning of the translation in the amount agreed with the Client.

§6 Confidentiality

The Translator undertakes to maintain absolute confidentiality of all information obtained in connection with the completion of the assignment.
The Client releases the Translator from the obligation of professional secrecy in the event of the need to prove the fact of performance or reliability of the translation in a dispute concerning these facts, including a dispute with the Client.

§7 Liability

The Translator is not responsible for delays and defects resulting from causes beyond the Translator's control, including force majeure, failures of computer equipment and software, Internet and telephone connections and power cuts.
The Translator is not liable for any factual errors in the translation resulting from errors in the original text.
The Translator's liability is limited to the net remuneration for the job. This restriction does not apply to translations made for consumers.
The copyrights to the translation are transferred to the Client upon payment of the full amount due.

§8 Final provisions

The rates given in the price list do not include value added tax (VAT) - the rates included in the VAT invoice for a given order will be increased by the VAT applicable on the day of invoicing.
The Translator reserves the right to refuse to prepare a translation. Any disputes between the parties arising from the services rendered by the Translator shall be settled amicably, and in case of disagreement, they shall be settled by a court having jurisdiction over the Translator's place of residence, and if the Client is a consumer - by a court having jurisdiction according to general statutory regulations.