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I offer interpreting services to individuals and companies. I accompany clients wherever they need an English sworn intepreter, during talks with representatives of foreign and Polish institutions and offices, company meetings, notarial acts, weddings and other ceremonies.


A translation may be done in an ordinary form, i.e. a file or a printout needed for private purposes, or a certified (sworn) form. A certified translation is a printout bearing the sworn translator’s round seal, formula and signature, or an electronic document signed by the sworn translator using a qualified electronic signature.

Agnieszka Maniakowska - sworn translator of English

I am a sworn translator of English, entered in the register of sworn translators maintained by the Minister of Justice under number TP/94/11. I completed translation studies (applied linguistics in English and German) at the University of Warsaw. I am also a graduate of Postgraduate Studies for Sworn Translators and Postgraduate Studies in Law and Administration. In addition, I broaden my professional competencies by taking part in numerous trainings and thematic workshops as well as by doing internships and apprenticeships.


Sworn, or certified, translation is a special type of translation which can only be produced by a specialist who has an appropriate licence. A sworn translation, in the form of a document, is accompanied by a special formula in which the sworn translator includes their name and surname, the entry number in the register of sworn translators kept by the Minister of Justice, certification of the conformity of the sworn translation from the specified source language with the original or a copy of the document presented to the translator, as well as the place and date of certification and the entry number in the sworn translator’s roll of deeds. Sworn translations, apart from information concerning the translator who prepared the document, bear the sworn translator’s round seal and signature. Naturally, there is also sworn interpretation, which is often used in particular in courts, notary offices or public authorities. A sworn interepreter carries out this type of translation respecting the principle of impartiality and confidentiality.


I am pleased to announce the opening of a new branch. At present I also offer translation services in Warsaw, in the city centre, at ul. Żurawia 47. You can get to the office by metro, to the Centrum station, which is a 5-minute walk away, by train to the Warsaw Central or Warsaw Śródmieście railway stations, from which you can reach the office in several minutes, and by bus or tram, which stops at Warsaw Central railway station, Warszawa Śródmieście railway station, and Warszawa Centrum stops.

How can I help you?

I offer certified translations (sworn translations), requiring certification and a sworn translator’s seal, as well as ordinary translations in the field of law, business and finance, official and corporate documents, any many more. I accompany my clients and provide interpreting services during the conclusion of notarial deeds, in offices, courts, prosecutor’s offices and other institutions. See my offer for more information.